Sterling Graphics International was established during the early 1990s by its founder and president, Roy Phelps.  Mr. Phelps has over thirty years experience in the printing industry.  Our company sells and buys medium to large offset press equipment of all brands and sheet sizes. 


We specialize in Heidelberg’s and Komori's, but we have access to Akiyama, Roland, Mitsubishi and other manufacturers.  Our company stays current with all technology changes so that we can offer our customers the most up to date information on all the equipment available.


MAN Roland

Detail Product Listing

6 color

Machine Details

2010 MAN Roland 706 3B +LV+UV Direct Drive 6 color
Impressions: C. 14 million impressions
Date Available: Immediate subject to prior sale
Reference #: 115-1


  • Straight 6 colors plus coating
  • Direct Drive version 16000 sheets per hour
  • Sheet size min 340x480 mm
  • Sheet size max 740x1050mm
  • Plate size 800x1040 mm
  • Max image area 730x1030 mm
  • Stock thickness 0.04–1.00 mm
  • Feeder pile height 1180x46.5 mm
  • Delivery pile height 1080x42.5 mm
  • Suction feedboard with sheet slow down
  • Antistatic system Eltex
  • Automatic format adjustment
  • Automatic substrate thickness adjustment
  • Remote controlled circumferential
  • Lateral and diagonal register
  • Remote color control
  • Automatic inking train separation
  • Central adjustment of plate inking roller oscillation
  • Speed compensated inking and damping units
  • Ceramic clad water fountain rollers
  • Automatic inking roller washup device
  • Automatic blanket washers
  • APL fully automated plate changing
  • ROLAND DirectDrive
  • 2 rollers Anilox
  • Rear plate clamp divided into 7 segments
  • Visually controllable sheet travel in the AirGlide delivery
  • Enhanced plate and blanket and impression cylinder surfaces
  • QuickChange Job automatic function sequence
  • QuickChange Job automatic transfer gripper adjustment
  • QuickChange Air
  • QuickChange Clamp
  • QuickChange Coating
  • QuickChange Surface
  • Remote adjustment of the oscillation stroke timing
  • Disengageable inking and damping units
  • ColorPilot D plus F color control system
  • Sheet turning system
  • Simultaneous plate changing
  • Powder and odor extraction
  • Coating module with Anilox roller and chambered doctor blade 2 roller
  • 3 for UV lamps Interdeck
  • Unit heating for UV paints
  • Mixers ink on inkwells mod
  • Ink Mate Technotrans
  • Positioning lamps interdeck on all printing units
  • Technotrans Beta C combined inking and dampening
  • Plinth 334 mm removable
  • Quick change wash twice for conventional inks and UV
  • Roland Seccomatic trivalent in delivery IR TL UV
  • Blower and suction device on the rollers
  • Press Manager Smart
  • Smart MAN Roland Online Direct
  • No damages and cracks on gears and cylinders



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